Simon Paul SuttonWelcome fellow explorers. So who am I and what’s my reason for creating this space for you?

I am an earth citizen, voice of the earth, an evolutionary, a messenger of love, a friend, a story teller, a trickster, a fool, a transparent communicator, a curious alchemist playing with the energy of life, dedicated to the evolution of humanity. Excited to consciously evolve and serve humanity through spreading awareness of the habitual lies we all get addicted to which cause futile pain and suffering through unconscious actions. The goal if there is one is to continue, the journey is the destination.

I use the wisdom and skills I’ve picked up through direct life experiences in my vision of serving you to evolve into a transparent communicator walking with integrity, mindfulness, compassion and love. Do you want to fall in love with your gift of life?

Everything I do is about creating space for you to question your existence and break open the invisible prisons of society by bringing into awareness the dysfunctional programs we uphold as truth and encourage you to take responsibility of your life and make choices which serve your grandest version of YOU.

How Can I help You?

  • Share your message to the world authentically. As I said for me its all about you speaking your truth confidently with no fear. We created an online course How to Communicate Authentically on Camera walking you through the steps you need to communicate on camera authentically.
  • I have co-created an on-line video channel called Simon on the Sofa which hosts over 60 hours of transformational transparent conversations with people from all walks of life. These in themselves are a great resource for you to evolve your psychology and empower yourself to speak transparently and fall in love with YOU.

How to engage further:

  • I am currently developing a number of projects under the umbrella of Burglar to Buddha A journey of transformation. With a charitable mission to eradicate crime forever. Not just the crimes criminals commit. This is a story of transformation, a story of truth, a guide for you to take responsibility of your life, to own your story and let go of the parts restricting you from loving yourself wholeheartedly. Visit the link above to learn more and support the mission as it unfolds.
  • In Feb 2012 we birthed Global Love letters a movement of anonymous unconditional love sweeping across the globe by writing anonymous love letters and leaving them anywhere and everywhere for strangers to find.
  • If you would like weekly reminders from the Love Newsletter then sign up on the right hand side and you will be sent unconditional content to truly support your own flowering. I am only interested in you becoming who you truly are. It serves me to serve you while serving myself, we are one.
  • Please take some time to listen/watch some of the interviews people have captured. These will give you a deeper insight into WHY and the purpose of this path.
  • You can view Testimonials from various people who have walked the path with me in various ways.

When you fall in love with yourself, embody inner peace, celebrate death and see life as a true gift, then you have transformed, reprogrammed and will walk with compassion and consideration while co-creating the new earth. We are society, we are culture, we are evolution and we co-create the future right here right now in every choice we make….

The global awakening (if you will) is happening whether you are aware of it or not and it will happen with or without us too. I’ve just surrendered to the possibility of what will emerge as more and more people get out of their own way, become the conduits of creation and transparently evolve into Earth Citizens.

The Fastest way to your own liberation out of pain and fear is really simple: Stop lying to yourself.

I do what I do because it allows me to explore, and expand my own existence. You can stay on this site and find all you need to encourage and empower you to walk the awakened path less travelled. If you choose this path I honour you, for it is not the easiest path and requires you to strip away your identity which at times can be very challenging – but I hasten to add, totally worthwhile.

Wherever you are finding yourself right now with all the changes that are arising and the uncertainty of life, I know you will find support from the content I share and the services I offer. You are not alone.

Ok, some questions for you to ponder:

  • What are you living for?
  • What ripples do you want to send into the universe?
  • What relationship with life do you want?
  • What is your ultimate significance?

In love with life
Simon Paul Sutton :-) x

“It’s absolutely stupid going on doing things you don’t like doing”